Posts From The Past - The Wedding - Part 1

Composed on the 26th of May in the year 2014, at 12:44PM. It was Monday.

The below writing is the first piece of a two part post from my first attempt at a blogspot blog.1 Not only was the blog created under a pseudonym to be anonymous, I wrote a bit cryptically as well.2 I've suppressed my urge to edit and have left the post relatively un-molested. Enjoy.

Oct. 14, 2010

Well, if any of you have taken the time to read my bio you'll see that I am polyamorous (spell it how you will). This phrase is synonymous with "open relationship" (though it does have many different subtleties). I am not here to discuss (or argue) these, at least not right now. I am here to place another entry in my journal. It goes as follows:

It's a special feeling seeing your lover/life mate/best friend flirting and enjoying the company of another. This is especially true with a new beginning. New beginnings are inherently exciting, releasing a flood of chemicals into the brain. Witnessing this vicariously is also amazing, at least it is for me.

Recently I was at a wedding with my primary partner (Star). We were having a lovely time, sharing in the ceremony, witnessing a very special event/tribal ritual (anyone who can't see weddings as ritual are kidding themselves). Out of the blue this super cute, punky girls shows up with an "are you saving this seat for anyone"? I couldn't get the jackets off quick enough; "Yes, you" I reply. She sits and we make small talk (her, myself and Star) until the ceremony starts. After the event we give her (I'm gonna call her (C)ute(P)unky(G)irl or CPG for the next while) a ride to the skytrain with a "see you at the reception!".

Fast forward to the reception. I'm dressed modestly, Star is all flash n glamour rocking a fem/dyke pantsuit look (with a loverly necktie), yeah hotter n hell indeed. In comes CPG clearly taking an interest in Star. When I have a chance to talk to her (Star, not CPG) I mention the obvious and encourage her to see where things lead.

They lead to Star and CPG dancing in a way that until recently I thought was reserved for music videos/cage dancers and my private fantasies. In fact I had to pause my conversations just to witness this. I'm generally not at a loss for words, but holy-ta-moly. Imagine, if my heart was going pitter-pat what the feelings between the two actually involved were.

The rest of the party was spent making new friends, dancing, partaking in good drink and cheer and watching Star get her Mac on. Sometimes she is such a dude, which is one of the many reasons I love her. At the end of the night Star waited outside (with CPG) for me while I took care of a few business items. When I came out I saw them kissing; and I mean grinding, groping, jaw dropping kissing. I was so happy for them, and felt a bit awkward. Whats a person to do in that situation? I politely waited for them to finish, after which and we all walked home (CPG's bus stop was right by our place). Star waited for the bus with CPG (she's such a gentleman, a horny gentleman, but a gentleman none the less) and I went home to get out of my getup.

When Star got in we chirped and chittered about this new found friend, this unexpected romance.

I'm almost as excited as her to see where this leads.

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1I had big aspirations for blogspot; but couldn't get past the interface and not owning the container for my ideas

2Changing small things like names and such

Good Times!

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