Posts From The Past - The Wedding - Part 2

Composed on the 31st of May in the year 2014, at 08:55PM. It was Saturday.

As promised, here's part two, the conclusion to this story. It's also mostly un-molested.1

Oct. 29, 2010

Hello my friends, it seems that keeping up with writing is a bit of a task in and of itself. When we were last chatting I was waxing about CPG2 and Star. Evidently that was supposed to be an evening event and not much more than that.

Long story short, after declaring dating intentions (that night via facebook) to Star (from CPG) she proceeded to dodge Star electronically. Which is why I say "always and I mean always get a phone number as soon as possible." It's way more straightforward and direct particularly when dealing with folks who shy from confrontation. It's also a good way to achieve some sort of a resolution in an expedient fashion.

Back to the tale at hand: After dodging my Star for a while she finally fessed up that she had met someone and that they are dating and that they are monogamous. Fucking monogamy.... monogamy is for jerks!3 Before you all start flaming or trolling please realise that this is not an actual attack on the ideology, just a exclamation of frustration. Frustration on behalf of my poor Star, who was a bit down from the whole exchange. Not really from the events so much as how they transpired. I mean, seriously, there's an honest, ethical and skillful way to handle such a situation and that wasn't it.4 I'm not meaning to rant5 but I feel pretty strongly where my Star is involved and you my dear reader are a bit of a captive audience.

Thanks for that.6

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1Ok, I may have molested it a little


3Insert fist shaking here

4So fuck you you fucking fuck!

5I actually am, I just use the phrase to appear civil and polite

6Thanks for allowing yourself to be captive. Consensual captivation is sexy!

Good Times!

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