Sam - Part 2

Composed on the 17th of August in the year 2014, at 12:55AM. It was Sunday.

Our eyes lock; I can tell in that moment that she's wanting me as badly as I'm wanting her. I turn towards her closing the space between us quickly and efficiently. With a hand on the small of her back I press her into me and begin to taste her exquisite mouth. I hear a faint moan escape her as I bite her lip while running my hands up her back. As I consume her neck I bring my hands down to her hips pulling her ever closer into my space, gently but firmly grinding my thigh into her. Looking down at the flush blooming in her chest I know with certainty that she's as revved up as I am. I pull back, distancing myself a little.

"Hi, I'm Sam. Pleased to meet you."

That's how I wished I could have handled things. That idea and many others were racing through my mind in that frozen moment. Not in the clear concise manner I've laid it out for you. More in the dizzying frenzy of need that consumes us all while deep in the clutches of unabashed lust. A myriad of pictures and half formed thoughts were throwing themselves at the skull that cruelly contained them, each one trying it's best to be birthed into this world. That's a lot closer to what was actually happening. Also, gravity shifted. I know that because I was leaning hard against the counter trying to remain upright and not pulled out into the oblivion I sensed just beyond the edge of my being.

Julie must have also felt something move in our universe. She gave me a quick once over in the mirror and spoke.

"You alright over there?. You look like you might pass out - or puke."

Great first impression right? Now you can see why I lead with the first bit. It was right then that I began to pray to a newly invented tiling god to part the grout beneath my feet so that I might have someplace dark to crawl into and live out the rest of my pitiful existence. I gave it a minute or two; unsurprisingly my prayers were unheeded. Remembering that change comes from within I then began focusing my efforts on making myself invisible. Several painfully slow seconds passed. It seemed to be working; she had ceased talking to me.


Fuck! I really thought I was on to something there.

"Are you ok or should I get someone?"

Words don't fail me now; I know I can manage some level of coolness here and turn this moment around. Behold beautiful, I am about to redeem myself.

"I'm ok, just got a bit dizzy. I had a few ciders."

Double fuck! That was my chance to mumble something witty and romantic about my breath being stolen or some shit like that. Now she's going to think that I'm either an alcoholic or a light weight.

"I'm not an alcoholic, I just haven't eaten for a while. I mean, I have food. Just not on me. At my place, you know? Maybe sometime we could share some... or not, 'cause that would be weird right? Meeting someone in a bathroom and having them over for dinner, or lunch, could be a causal lunch. I'm not a weirdo; I don't even have a cat. I mean I like animals I'm just not in a place where I can care for one right now, you know? Wow! I'm hearing myself speak and realizing that it's not going to get any better. I should go."

I turn, tensing my muscles preparing to bolt. Fuck you words, you suck! I feel a cool hand close around my hot sweaty wrist.

"I'm glad you're alright."

I look up into eternity. My soul opening, shedding layers before I can stop it. My secrets evaporating like morning mist beneath that penetrating gaze. I could live forever in this moment; happily drowning in the sea of blue that are her eyes.

"Let's go get you some water."

With that Julie pulled me from the bathroom, through the crowded pub and up to the bar; cool hand still firmly closed around my hot sweaty wrist. I gave her no resistance. Her body language told me that this was an everyday normal activity. Who was I to argue? Even if I wanted to I knew my words were not to be trusted right now.

"A water for me and one for my girl here, please and thank-you."

It's a good thing she still had my wrist. I felt an almost overwhelming urge to both bolt and pass out. That cool little hand was my tether to the now and I was grateful to have it. I was also pretty damn happy to hear "my girl" come from her mouth. I could have done without the excessive blushing I was experiencing but my body has been giving away all my thoughts so far so why stop now? On the bright side, my blood was pumping and yeah, I was feeling pretty swollen in all the right places. Felt damn good. She handed me my water, grabbed hers and continued to lead me.

As we passed my friends I gave them a quick "This is ok; do not interfere" smile. They were already laughing amongst themselves and gesturing in my direction so I don't think it was required. Better safe than sorry though. I didn't want anything to disrupt whatever magic had manifested the events currently unfolding. I felt like a character in some romance novel. I guess they may have some truth to them after all. I'll have to remind my inner cynic of that at some point. I suddenly became aware that I was being guided into a booth at the back of the pub. Leave it to Julie to find the only quiet place in this noisy joint.

"Drink your water."

Without question I began to drink my water. Seemed rude not to.

"That's a good girl" she purred.

Ok, that was a bit odd. Even more odd was how my body reacted. I didn't think I could get more wet, but there it was. So glad I'm wearing cotton. Still, if she wasn't so goddamn hot I'm pretty sure I'd be irritated with her right now. I know life shouldn't favour the beautiful but it clearly does. Given my options: ask her what the fuck or keep drinking my water I chose the latter. I'm still not sure I can trust my mouth with anything more complicated. Besides, best to see where this is headed before trying to take a direction.

"I'm Julie; what's your name?"

"Sam" I stammer. Shit man, how is that fair? Coming out of the blue with questions when I'm working on drinking this water?

"Sam, are your feeling better?"

"Yes, thank-you."

"Sam, I noticed you notice me when I came into the pub and again in the rest room. Given your body language I take it you're both available and interested. Is that the case?"

Holy shit! Who talks like this? Apparently confident, stylish, take charge, leading strangers by the wrist women do; at least the one in front of me did. She also still had my wrist, though it felt so natural in all this strangeness I had almost forgotten about it; which is in itself quite strange.

"What makes you think I'm single?" I asked. Ha! Take that! Alright Sam, looks like you are feeling better.

"I didn't say you were single, I said you seemed available. Those are two very different things."

"How so? Are you some sort of home wrecker?" Wow, that was a bit over the top. Better reign it in.

"No Sam, I'm not. That why I was confirming your availability."

"So then how could I be both not single and available?"

"You could be in a non-monogamous relationship. Have you heard of polyamory?"

I nearly spat out my water. Who is this girl? be continued...

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