Jay's Corner aka Johnny B Goods Place

Hi, I'm Jay as you may have guessed. I'm brand new to web design, as you may have also guessed.
This is where I am posting things as I learn them (the product, not the process) and where I try out new and exciting things.
Enjoy your stay.
For any questions or comments e-mail me at jay@jayscorner.com

Chapter 1
(I'm learning from a book)

This chapter I actually wrote html code for the first time ever.
The results are exciting...to me

Starbuzz Menu
Starbuzz Mission

Chapter 4

This chapter said that I need to get a domain name and post some work...so this site is chapter 4.
That's a bit of a copout so here's a link to some pictures, some elements that are new to me and some stuff from school.

citx 1151

Chapter 7

This chapter walked me through the steps to change from html v4.01 strict to xhtml v1.0 strict.
For my efforts I've received a cool image/badge that I can show off on my compliant pages.

Yeah, this page is compliant

Chapter 10

This was the next phase in the lounge CSS overhaul

Check it

Chapter 13

Let's check in on Tony and his travels.

Chapter 3

This is where I took a design concept, two pictures and some code
and created an online journal for an imaginary traveller.


Chapter 6

This chapter showed me how to take my existing html and move it to html v4.01 strict compliancy.
I got a funky badge/image to use on compliant pages.

Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

To see if your pages are up to snuff go to the validator

Chapter 9

We re-visited Tony's journal and added some CSS magic

Behold the magic

Chapter 12

This is where we re-visit the Starbuzz page and make it a bit more funky. Please disregard any broken links.
This should be cleared up by chapter 14.

New Exciting Stuff!!!

I am now collaborating on websites

Check out All Pro Curbing.

Hot off the presses is the Rabbit River Farms site.

Chapter 2

This chapter we (me, myself and I) worked on linking things.
Good times. :D

The Head First Lounge

Chapter 5

This chapter covered editing pictures, creating thumbnails, creating thumbnails as clickable links,
adding alternate text incase a photo can't be displayed and editing photo files to generate a logo.


Chapter 8

This chapter introduced me to CSS. The benefit to using a proper style sheet, aside from being compliant with the standard, is that it allows
a web desginer to change the style of a site (multiple sheets) without having to make changes on multiple sheets. That's because all of the
style code is stored in a seperate central area from the html (or xhtml) and then refrenced.

The new and stylish Lounge

Chapter 11

Yup, more lounge

The Lounge

Chapter 14

The book has been completed!
The Starbuzz site is complete, and I've now had a look at interactive forms.
Stay tuned for PHP!