2048 - Game or Obsession?

Composed on the 29th of June in the year 2014, at 10:07AM. It was Sunday.

If you've played 2048 you already know the answer. If you haven't, you should. Here's the link. It's simple like sudoku1, but gets exponentially more difficult the longer you play. Basically you combine like tiles/number together by use of either arrow keys or finger swipes depending on the medium you're using.

This is done on a 4x4 grid starting with 2 tiles (usually both 2's). When you pick a direction everything moves in that direction to occupy any available empty space. Any like tiles running into each other during that movement will combine and become new tiles. Two 2's become a 4, two 4's become an 8 and so on. Everytime you move the tiles a new tile spawns in a random location. It's often a 2 but sometimes it can be a 4. The new number is never higher than a 4.2

The object of the game is to keep combining like tiles until you recieve the 2048 tile; which as you can imagine takes some time, planning and skill. One feature of the game that I really like is that once you have "won" the game by getting the 2048 tile you have the option to keep playing, seeing how far you're able to get.

Here is where I probably should mention: turns out I'm quite good at this game. Here are a few highlights:

If you'd like to see more of me kicking ass at 2048 I have a hall of fame gallery here.3

Happy Playing!

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1The mechanics are actually simpler; though you couldn't play it with a pencil. It's a "video" game only.

2It's also never odd. It's always either a 2 or a 4.

3Mark and V, this is mostly for you guys! :)

Good Times!

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