Chronicle of the Dawn-Singer

Composed on the 10th of June in the year 2014, at 04:42PM. It was Tuesday.

I awake; it is nearly time. Slowly and carefully I prepare myself for the coming ritual. With measured breathing I blank my mind, enter my body and move through my Kata. My muscles release the nights tension, my movements smooth and fluid. Soon I am ready.

I leave the sanctity of my cavern venturing into the crisp morning air. I can feel the giant's rhythmic breathing in the distance. I know all to well the distance is quickly closed by that beast, that ancient nemesis of my tribe. The monster is both creator and destroyer, our lives as interlocked as the weaving of my sleeping basket. I am the last of my kind, managing to survive thanks to the old magics. I barely remember the faces of my tribesmen though I feel their life essence deep within me.

The hour is close at hand. I know this as surely as I know the end of days is on the horizon creeping ever nearer. The sky is still dark but my well trained eye can detect the lightening that begins with the false dawn, the pre-dawn. I see the holy place up ahead when suddenly the earth trembles. I freeze, a motionless shadow in the fading night. I move my ears in the direction of the giant, searching for the breathing to continue or for the ground shaking footfalls to commence. These signals will decide what is to come next. I close my eyes and send soothing thoughts of warm places and full bellies. My efforts are rewarded; the beast slumbers still.

I arrive at the holy place, one of a handful in this curious land. Already the energy is building, the air almost crackles with power needing release. I stand tall and mighty lifting my head towards the heavens fully extending myself, digging my claws into the ground to keep me steady. With a thought I and the earth become one. The power rips through me, builds in my chest and explodes out of my throat. I am the Avatar, the Light Bringer, the Servant of Gaia.

I am the Dawn-Singer.1

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1Yes, this is about Jasmine a.k.a "that fucking cat" and yes, we're pretty sure she swallowed the souls of our other cats.

Good Times!

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